Our lab group has always been built around a fun and interactive community of scholars who have worked broadly on research topics in evolutionary biology, evolutionary ecology, behavioral ecology, and conservation genetics. Over the years, the students, postdocs, staff and faculty based in our lab have made discoveries and advances in these disciplines using a notably wide variety of field and laboratory methods. Recently we have tended to converge on a common theme of deploying data-intensive genomic techniques to address this same broad range of biological questions. Follow the links below to read more about our primary areas of past and present scholarship:

Avian Hybrid Zones as Windows on Evolution and Ecology including studies of genomic introgression, trait variation, behavior, and conservation between hybridizing species

Evolutionary Trees and Their Uses including phylogenetics, comparative analyses of trait evolution, diversification rate analyses, systematics, phylogeography, etc.

Behavioral Ecology including studies of mating systems, sociality, vocal and plumage signalling, sexual selection, and comparative investigations of these and other traits

Speciation, Adaptation, and the Origins of Biodiversity including studies of adaptive radiation, diversification processes, young radiations, and functional genetics

Molecular Approaches to Conservation Biology including studies of cryptic diversity, habitat fragmentation effects, gene flow and demography of declining species, etc.

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