Yula is moving to a new postdoc

Bittersweet congratulations to Yula Kapetanakos, who got her PhD in our lab last year and who has been working since then just down the hall as an Associate Producer in the Lab’s multimedia unit, largely on an incredible conservation story on the Philippine Eagle. We will be very sorry to see her go (that is the bittersweet part), but the great news is that Yula has been awarded a science/policy postdoctoral fellowship through the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). She will be moving on later in the summer to work within the US Fish and Wildlife Service on major conservation issues, including the CITES convention and issues related to the illegal trapping and movement of Neotropical birds for the pet trade. Yula has always been deeply committed to conservation biology and this new position at the intersection of science and international policy seems an excellent way for her to deploy her many talents — good luck, Yula!

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