Nick and collaborators on the taxonomy of true Tanagers

Kudos to grad student Nick Mason, his MS advisor Kevin Burns, and collaborator Phil Unitt for doing the hard work of turning their molecular phylogeny of the entire tanager radiation into a series of formal recommendations on the taxonomic nomenclature of this beautiful but complicated group. This is the kind of follow-up work that too few people do, but it is important in lots of ways.

“Here, we present two alternative classifications based on a newly published comprehensive phylogeny of tanagers. We propose eleven new genera (Asemospiza, Islerothraupis, Maschalethraupis, Chrysocorypha, Kleinothraupis, Castanozoster, Ephippiospingus, Chionodacryon, Pseudosaltator, Poecilostreptus, Stilpnia), and resurrect several generic names to form monophyletic taxa.”

Burns, K. J., Unitt, P., & Mason, N. A. (2016). A genus-level classification of the family Thraupidae (Class Aves: Order Passeriformes). Zootaxa, 4088(3), 329–354.

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