Stepfanie Aguillon on Northern Flicker genomics

Stepfanie on Northern Flicker genomics: at the NAOC conference a day ago, PhD student Stepfanie Aguillon presented on her ongoing field and genomic studies of the great plains hybrid zone between yellow-shafted and red-shafted flickers. Even though these two forms are distinct in many plumage traits even beyond their namesake flight-feather coloration, Stepfanie’s ‘big reveal’ is that they are remarkably similar across their entire genomes, based on a deep-coverage ddRAD dataset. In hallway conversations with audience members after her talk, I heard many compliments for Stepfanie’s presentation and a lot of interest expressed in what she will find after her next step of full-genome resequencing.Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.06.17 AM

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