Andy Johnson’s undergrad honors thesis is published

Congratulations to Andy Johnson for persevering through the publication processs to see his undergrad thesis work out in a peer-reviewed journal. Andy spent two arduous summers in the high arctic putting migration tracking devices on Whimbrels–a first summer to deploy them, a second summer to get them back, and a nerve-wracking year in-between hoping that the tagged birds would return to their breeding sites so that Andy could recapture them. The results are very cool and show that these birds exhibit various migration strategies, with some accomplishing a non-stop trip of more than 8000 km between their breeding sites in the Canadian arctic and their overwintering sites in jofo12173-fig-0002northern South America.

Johnson, A. S., Perz, J., Nol, E. and Senner, N. R. (2016), Dichotomous strategies? The migration of Whimbrels breeding in the eastern Canadian sub-Arctic. J. Field Ornithol.. doi:10.1111/jofo.12173

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