Last day of Fall semester classes

Semesters always end with a somewhat bittersweet feeling, as classes come to a close and thoughts turn to exams and then to activities over the forthcoming break. My thanks to the 25 different people who presented in Ornithology Seminar (Bioee7800) this Fall, and to the many regular weekly participants (audience size averaged around 55-60); Ornithology Seminar will be back again next Fall as usual. A shout-out too to the students in our second offering of Wildlife Ecology (Bioee2525); you’ve now paid your dues by reading and discussing lots of scientific papers and (especially) their study designs and statistical methods, and it is now time to put all of that into practice during our trip to Patagonia in January. And finally, my great thanks to Abby, Sahas, Jen, Cinnamon, Trevor, Stepfanie, Aubrie, Jacob, Brian, Kelly, Maren, and Cole for all of your teaching contributions to Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Diversity (Bioee7800), and to the 260 students in the course this semester; this is the last time for a good while that I will be involved in teaching 1780, and you all helped make leading it this one last time a fun and rewarding experience for me.

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