Cornell undergraduates dominate at AOS

The Cornell undergraduate contingent continued a tradition of performing impressively at this year’s AOS conference. Among the highlights was the crushing victory of the 2/3 Cornell undergraduate team (plus one undergrad from that four-letter-word-staring-with-Y Ivy…guess they know a bit about birds over in New Haven) in the venerable quiz bowl tournament. The good news is that undergrads Sarah Toner and Andrew Dreelin really do know a huge amount of bird trivia and they continued the tradition of the Cornell undergrads beating all comers, including all teams of grad students; the bad news is that we apparently need to recall you two into Bioee1780, at least for that one lecture on ‘reinforcement.’ Kudos too to Yalie Matt Hack as part of the winning team, to Nick M. for emceeing so well and for the last time as AOS student activities chair, and to Shawn and Nick S. for playing a major role in crafting this diabolical event.

Major congratulations also go out to Sarah Dzielski ’17 for being the sole undergraduate winner at the conference of a ‘best presentation’ award, for her poster on “What’s in a feather? Reconstructing mercury concentrations through time using museum specimens.”

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