Stepfanie’s paper makes the cover of PLOS Genetics!

Grad student Stepfanie Aguillon’s paper is featured on the cover of the current issue of PLOS Genetics. Here is what that journal has to say about her contribution:

Florida Scrub-Jays reveal new details about isolation-by-distance.

The pattern of isolation-by-distance is observed often in nature, but we rarely have means to directly understand how dispersal creates these patterns. Aguillon et al. capitalize on long-term monitoring of a population of Florida Scrub-Jays to demonstrate how extremely short dispersal distances result in genealogical relatives living close together geographically. Detailed dispersal, pedigree, and genomic data available for this population allowed an unusually detailed understanding of how dispersal shapes patterns of isolation-by-distance. This image shows an adult Florida Scrub-Jay from the study population, including its uniquely identifying, colored leg bands. See Aguillon et al.

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