Luciano Calderón at Argentina Evolution conference

Luciano Calderón at Argentina Evolution conference: visiting Lab researcher Luciano Calderón is talking today at the first-ever Argentine Evolution meeting (I Reunion Argentina de Biología Evolutiva, in Cordoba, Argentina) about the population genomics of turtle doves across Europe. Luciano visited Cornell in February and worked with postdoc Leo Campagna to generated ddRAD data to understand the population genetic structure of European Turtle Doves across a migratory divide. The project is a collaboration with Petra Quillfeldt’s lab at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen.Calderon_RABE_cover

Population genomics of the European turtle dove (Streptopelia turtur). Luciano Calderón, Leonardo Campagna, Tom Wilke, Herve Lormee, Cyril Eraud, Jenny Dunn, Gregorio Rocha, Pavlev Zehtindjiey, Dimitrio Bakaloudis, Benjamin Metzger, Jacopo Cecere, Melanie Marx y Petra Quillfeldt. Our population genomic analysis of the European Turtle Dove provides evidence of a post-glacial demographic expansion and a lack of genetic structure associated to the migratory flyways of this species. If these flyways are indeed responsible for genetically isolating individuals, the effect of the large Ne on incomplete lineage sorting suggests that it may take a long time for differences to be fixed among putative populations.

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