Ornithology Seminar launched for 2016

Probably only at Cornell would you find a regular weekly audience of so many undergrads, grad students, postdocs, and others (71 people total, at yesterday’s first meeting) for a weekly research seminar on bird-related topics!

IMG_1018The most recent version of this semester’s full schedule is included below:



Ornithology Seminar • Fall 2016

Location: Morrison Room, Corson-Mudd Hall

Time: Tuesdays, 5:15-6:30 PM, followed by pizza and social time.

Please register for Bioee7800 or NTRES7800 if you are a participating student (1 credit S/U). Everyone with an interest in ornithology and related topics is welcome (and encouraged) to attend these seminars. For more information, email Irby Lovette at IJL2@cornell.edu.

Tuesday, August 30

  1. Jessie Barry: Can computers identify birds? Computer vision meets ornithology
  2. Gerardo Soto: From Remote Sensing to making laws: Bird conservation in the remnant South-American temperate forest

Tuesday, September 6

  1. Frank La Sorte: Projected implications of global change for migratory bird populations wintering in Central America
  2. Daniela Hedwig: Acoustic structure and contextual use of gorilla close distance vocalizations – a syntactic approach

Tuesday, September 13

  1. Mya Thompson: Harnessing the web to help teach ornithology: Bird Academy and beyond
  2. Camila Gomez: Behavioral and evolutionary mechanisms underlying the long-distance migrations of birds

Tuesday, September 20

  1. Sahas Barve: Habitat loss in Indian montane birds: an investigation at the local and landscape level.
  2. Rose Swift: From North to South: tracking birds across the hemisphere

Tuesday, September 27

  1. Mickey Pardo: Extensive vocal recognition in a group-living bird:  acorn woodpeckers know to which social group outsiders belong
  2. J. McNeil: Golden-winged Warbler breeding ecology in managed habitats across its range

Tuesday, October 4

  1. Adriaan Dokter: Radaring on birds and weather: towards a continental perspective on the movements of migratory birds
  2. Petra Deane-Coe: Evidence of selection on standing variation during rapid adaptation

Tuesday, October 11: No meeting (Cornell Fall Break)

Tuesday, October 18

  1. Gavin Leighton: Sociality’s effect on extinction and diversification across the avian tree
  2. Available

Tuesday, October 25

  1. Eliot Miller: Understanding the dominance hierarchy of North American feeder birds
  2. Joe Welklin: Implications of social interactions on sexual selection in Red-backed Fairy-wrens

Tuesday, November 1

  1. Rusty Ligon: Evolution of courtship display, ornamental colors, and auditory communication in the Birds of Paradise.
  2. Conor Taff: Physiological & behavioral responses to unpredictable acute stressors in Tree Swallows.

Tuesday, November 8

  1. Jen Walsh: Patterns of hybridization between two tidal marsh sparrows
  2. Stepfanie Aguillon: Genomics in the Great Plains: using genomics to characterize hybridization in the northern flicker

Tuesday, November 15

  1. Josh LaPergola: Preliminary parentage results on a colonial, Neotropical woodpecker
  2. Lily Twining: Aquatic insects provide a high quality fatty acid subsidy to a riparian insectivore

Tuesday, November 22: No meeting (Thanksgiving week

Tuesday, November 29

  1. Leslie Thorne: title TBD, but something on seabirds
  2. Leo Campagna: The genetic basis of reproductive isolation in an avian radiation

Tuesday, December 6: special guest Peter Marra, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center


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