Experimental design, biostats, … and penguins!

We are back from two exciting weeks in Patagonia where Irby and Leo have led for the second consecutive year the field-course portion of “BioEE2525/BioEE2526 Ecology and Conservation of Wildlife in the Neotropics”. Together with co-leaders Roxanne Razavi, David Toews, Natalia García and a group of 12 Cornell students, we spent most of the month of January roaming the beaches of Chubut province in Argentina. Penguins, guanacos, sea lions and many other Patagonian animals helped us design and execute student led projects. Many thanks to the staff of Bahía Bustamante (http://www.bahiabustamante.com/home.html) for providing an excellent setting for our Patagonian adventure.

IMG_6317 IMG_6336

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