Lab members in the Galapagos

Irby just returned from a very fun week-long tour of the Galapagos for Lab of Ornithology members that was run by our long-term colleague Fausto Rodriguez of Galapagos Best. Among the special sightings was an aggressive face-off between a large male tortoise and a large male land iguana (testosterone + small brains = an odd case of interspecific aggression) and a feeding frenzy involving four species of seabirds where boobies were diving from above, flightless cormorants fishing from below, and Galapagos penguins were stealing fish out of the closing pouches of brown pelicans, as the pelicans awkwardly belly-flopped into the water. The photo here, however, is a young woodpecker finch, a species that can be hard to find but which we saw in large numbers.

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